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Nowadays, e-commerce is spreading considerably in the context of online product sales and the growth in purchases continues on a regular basis. Companies can choose to sell their products and / or services online by opening and using a virtual store: opening an e-commerce is not a simple operation as it involves the investment of time and money.
By studying this phenomenon and understanding the difficulties of online business, Digitarab Solution Consulting supports shops and companies that want to create a new online store and develops tailor-made e-commerce sites suitable for growing online sales of products also abroad.
Our design involves choosing the right technologies in order to have a platform that is always performing. Once the web structure has been created, the management of orders and all aspects related to the life of the online store becomes simple and within everyone's reach.
With our e-commerce solutions you can sell online without limits and to anyone freely on all devices thanks to the responsive structure of the site.

Creating an E-commerce With Digitarab means offering you the following services :
• Complete order management
• Secure Payment Management
• Management of product offers
• Shipping management
• Regular monitoring of sales statistics
• Customer Management (CRM)
• Mobile application for a more synchronized activity
• Tailor-made assistance and consultancy service
These services allow you to reduce management costs and increase turnover and increase the possibility of retaining your customers.

It is also possible to revolutionize your E-commerce site and make it different from other online stores, by integrating our new web scraping software "SCRAPING TECHNOLOGY " to identify new sales opportunities and take competitive monitoring to a whole new level.

Thanks to this integration, you can unlock valuable data on competitors' strategies through key insights into their catalog, most requested products, information on inventory / stock, shipping policies and much more

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