Creation of highly relevant compatible Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most profitable corporate direct marketing strategies of the moment. This strategy is able to guarantee the most positive results in terms of Return on Investment.
From the result of the various researches carried out by our digital Marketing experts, "GOMAIL" is an innovative software tool created and designed for Marketing agencies that offer services in the market ICT .
This solution is also designed for businesses seeking to find and retain new potential customers and consequently increase online sales opportunities. < br /> "GOMAIL" offers the possibility to create and manage Email Marketing optimal in terms of ROI without having graphic skills and without knowing the numerous rules to be respected as long as the emails are displayed correctly to all customers and in any messaging service.
• Some managers such as Gmail and Yahoo! they can assign their own predefined style to some texts, even if they are not HTML-encoded links, linking them automatically.
• Colors are defined with hexadecimal codes and not with strings (for example, insert color = "# ff11cc" and not color = "red") .
• The float, margin and padding parameters are generally poorly supported, forget everything HTML allows today.
• Avoid whitespace between tags because some providers like Yahoo! and Hotmail may add additional padding

And many other rules to be respected….
This feature makes our software different from other Email Marketing solutions on the market because it provides less experienced HTML users, a DRAG and Drop editor developed and tailored to generate and optimize the HTML code, allowing you to create a customizable layout in seconds, and perfectly responsive.
Optimize your Email Marketing strategy with "GOMAIL"

What does "GOMAIL" offer?

• Complete management of Email Marketing campaigns.
• Quick creation of Email Marketing with minimal graphic and IT skills.
• Email Marketing adapted to the rules of all messaging services.
• Maximum synchronization with the company email address.
• Easy, reliable and intuitive Email sending and withdrawal service.
• Continuous monitoring of Emailing campaigns results (consultancy and tailor-made planning with the client or with the managers of Marketing agencies)