Development of Responsive Portals and mobile application in Arabic

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Development of customized management software
4 November 2019

DIGITARAB wants to help you make the most of the potential of e-commerce, an activity in which it is obviously necessary to exhibit digital showcases up to the quality of the services and products offered. The use of English in non-Anglo-Saxon countries does not fully convey the image of a company attentive to the culture of the nation for which its product is intended. Unfortunately, converting a portal into Arabic does not simply mean translating it, which in itself is a small technological and typographic challenge due to the different character set used and the fact that the Arabic is written from right to left, but it means literally reconceive it to better adapt it to the sensitivity of the country to which it is destined. To do this it is necessary to have valid native language programmers , belonging to the world to which the portal is destined and in possession of high cultural qualities, as is the case of the young graduate personnel selected by us and by our Affiliates ..

Normally it is said that the creation of a portal must include an in-depth study of market needs; ok! but which market? The markets are not all the same. We look particularly at the Arab countries. Our goal is to become a leader in the design and production of quality content that is suited to Islamic culture and that respects the orthodoxy of the Muslim faith while remaining attractive to the most observant believers of the religion of the Prophet. We have found that, especially for products intended for mass consumption that can also be sold online, the classic multilingual version of the portal (English, French and Italian) is not attractive to visitors belonging to our target audience. For this reason we consider it appropriate to also add a completely Arabic version, a version which however presents various problems, both technical and of cultural mediation.

The Arab version of the site is designed by us to adapt as much as possible to the main characteristics of the language, such as the writing from right to left and the use of an alphabet composed of graphemes and particular graphic symbols, both in form and mode of use. Our Open Source CMS is able to automatically arrange the text according to the right-left orientation, and to insert the multimedia contents respecting the classical layout of the Islamic book; all of this while maintaining “the western” the editing phase to facilitate the population of the contents by non Arabic native speakers. The result is a remarkable ease in uploading the contents together with the peace of mind of having a website or application compatible with the use by that different culture even during its various life stages.