Marketing to the Arab world

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13 April 2020
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9 April 2020

DIGITARAB was born with the dual objective of helping to mediate both the commercial relations between Italy and the Arab world. Through our software products, we are looking for new contact opportunities on both fronts: cultural initiatives and commercial / managerial or industrial facilities, using the enthusiasm, skills and qualifications of a group of young professionals from Arabic native speakers graduated in Italy in technical disciplines.

We believe that our professional experience can be put into service to circulate ideas and people as freely as possible, creating opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and carrying out projects of various kinds by taking advantage of opportunities of the moment. It is certainly a delicate task, but we believe it is important to make seemingly different cultures and worlds dialogue. At this moment we believe that we have acquired an adequate collective competence in the technical commerce field, so we would like to guide you to discover the opportunities that the Arab world offers,or work alongside you to strengthen collaboration channels that you have already opened in the past.