Today business management has become a complex matter, knowing exactly the problems is a fundamental fact. Precisely for this reason, Digitarab Solution Consulting puts at your disposal the experience gained by its team in the ICT market to find ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) and CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) tailored to meet your needs and facilitate your business management, leading you to success and efficiency.

We create ERP management software, in which the user can manage, book and arrange his workflow efficiently.

In today's world, where technology changes abruptly, ERP is a safer way to achieve results as the customer expects.

Through ERP , in addition to management, you can be present with your employees, but also with salespeople and suppliers, through a Three-tier architecture ( analysis + planning + relational schema ) made to measure, in order to have everything under control, both externally and internally (production).

You can activate the various notifications, starting from the OTP to the email, alert (designed independently from the one in use) of which we make a statistical balance in real time.

We also offer specific CRM management systems, which have all the features that enhance and simplify customer management in relation to customer relations, from contacts to the sales cycle.

Our software, both CRM or ERP , contain dedicated modules to analyze your data to take into account the current sales situation or to follow in real time the progress of your work.