The field of electronic cigarettes is constantly in revolution , FOR that, a management software has been created specifically for physical stores and wholesalers, in order to simplify their sales network and customer service.

Physical stores are very important, becaus they allow a continuos contact with the customer. And it is important that the management will be effective.
Smooking is already used by a company in the brands, the request was made to solve some problems, both at the logistics level but also for customer management, maintaining a performing level to follow the sale , promotions, the store and feedback through real-time notifications
What we noticed together with the client company was the growth in sales.
We took this initiative after a well-designed study of the requests, to offer a solution that creates a positive approach between the seller and the customer.
Our software allows you to:

• See real-time sales statistics
• Manage the various products and their sub categories (modify, add, print… etc)
• Manage the promotion
• Manage suppliers
• Manage customers
• Manage the warehouse
• Manage logistics
• The management of electronic invoices
• Calendar Management
• Loyalty card management

We are the first in Italy to be able to create this software, after a design on the market and an accurate analysis.

In this difficult period, the software is also able to manage home orders and shipments, to be in contact with your customers and to provide a complete service.