The real estate market is a very dynamic and important market . It requires tools that make interactions between various users very simple. For this reason, Digitarab Solution Consulting thinks to real estate agencies, and provides complete, tailor-made and innovative software that makes the match between supply and demand more effective.

These are some features, which will be constantly updated according to your requests:

• Management of personal data: customers, owners, contacts, suppliers, etc.
• Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Land are the four main macro categories. Each of them contains sub-categories (two-room, three-room, attic, etc ..) and equipped with specific fields.
• A complete and customizable profile of the property.
• Property management through a property sheet.
• Automatic connection between property and request.
• Advanced searches of all types of properties.
• Filters on each search (offering ease of use).
• Management of appointments, notes, daily reports.
• Real-time view
• Analysis and statistics

In addition to this, we have the ability to implement periodic updates, to make it easier to use for effective optimization.