Vocal interaction for
the Arab world

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Medical Record and Health Services for
the Arab world
4 November 2019
azienda sviluppo software gestionale Marche
Development of customized management software
4 November 2019
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By now we are surrounded by services that are activated and managed through “Voice Interaction”. We can support those who intend to enter this perspective of offering their services by detailing voices and dialogues to the Arabic language. Your online content is instantly converted to speech. Reading and translation tools help everyone read and understand your digital content. Your content becomes accessible to a wider population of Internet users:

– People with reading difficulties or with visual impairments such as the elderly (about 20% of the population concerned)

– Those who learn a foreign language

– Users in a situation of mobility (on average 30% of visitors to a site consult it from a mobile phone) With just one click to hear the highlighted text, users can easily follow it anywhere, anytime and on any device.