To design ERP, to implement CRM, to create WEB portals or, more generally, manage content and online features in a context ofe-commerce,the instruments"all inclusive" are particularly suitable because they are predetermined and optimized for a wide range of standard requirements. However, some projects cannot be implemented with these tools because it is necessary to interface with existing "legacy" solutions based on other development tools. It is therefore necessary to resort to specific solutions rather bold and articulated, for example to complete or adapt the functionalities of a tool that will then serve as a basis for completing the development of the final product. Restructuring an application or a WEB portal to adapt to another set of characters, to another language, to another way of understanding writing and, indeed, to another culture, involves technological challenges of this type that require mediation between standard (speed) and specific (for adaptation) development tools in a delicate and unstable balance ... DIGITARAB can accompany you in this endeavor by providing its experience and that gained by the Tunisian and French subsidiaries on the WinDev, WebDev and Windev Mobile tools. They have a unique experience and help us find the right balance. In fact, in most of the existing and consolidated applications, the basic problem is whether it is better to develop everything from scratch or adapt the existing one, and the answer is neither simple nor obvious. Beyond the theoretical questions of software engineering that can be raised in these cases, our practical experience allows us to accompany you in these choices in order to estimate the advantages and disadvantages of the options at stake based on your needs.


DigitArab also uses a framework for mobile cross-platform development" Xamarin It is built on three components:, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Forms. By programming in C #, Xamarin allows the management of all the features of all platforms. Xamarin allows you to manage both the user interface and the hardware resources of the device.





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