The importance of CRM

What is a CRM?
The CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management , it is a software that helps manage business processes, in which all customer data are contained. The information is retrieved from various channels (e-mails, calls, social networks, website, etc.) and entered into a single platform that allows you to keep track of all interactions between the company and the customer. Nowadays it is very important that every company has one to improve its business processes, as CRM allows you to have new strategies to find new customers, keep new ones and retain them.
However, we must not confuse CRM with management , because while the first is focused on the customer and on sales processes, the second manages the various internal functions of the company (logistics, personnel, production, etc.)

Basically, a CRM allows the company to:

• To better understand who your customers are and who your potential customers might be
• Have targeted marketing strategies
• Having detailed reports, so as to improve decisions to be made

The CRM therefore allows the company to obtain useful information, so as to make decisions more efficient and increase profits. It keeps track of the sales processes in order to understand how to improve them and if there are any problems in achieving the set objectives.