A development and consulting company of Customized management software The development covers broad themes, from WEB portals for online marketing from / to the Arab world to specific vertical solutions for local cultures and needs, passing through the development of native or multi-platform mobile applications in Arabic. The team is ready to receive and implement your projects. Digitarab Solution Consulting was born as an IT services company in 2018 in collaboration with the polytechnic of Marche, and it has like visionaries the professor aldo dragoni and the ing Moussa, who strongly believe in the digital transformation of business. Digitarab is an IT company that combines skills from the world of scientific research, business management and web development. The strong connotation towards innovation and research (hence the acronym R&D - Research and Development) , the experience in the analysis of business management systems and communication tools, allow the creation of applications aimed to solve the organizational and management problems of client companies


We work with you to ensure performance through Agile (Scrum), a work methodology recognized by thousands of companies for its ability to improve productivity by being closer to customer needs.



Study, analysis and understanding of your needs. Convergence between three different points of view: the customer, the user and the developer.



Develop your idea in real time, keeping you updated on changes to stay aligned with your goals.



For specific vertical solutions we can organize on-site training courses for the customer and teach how to use and manage the released software.

Evolutionary monitoring and maintenance.

The Maintenance Service is developed in three different ways:

Ordinary maintenance

It ensures the correct functionality of the applications over time, also for the purposes of the specifications and requirements expressed by the regulatory context. Ordinary training can also be offered on-site

Periodic Preventive Maintenance

It aims to provide support in the development of the Application Server software, refine and optimize the installed procedures

Evolutionary maintenance

Necessary activities to increase the performance of the software produced and improve its usability and maintainability

Our main method is based on a strategy adapted to your positioning in the ICT market