Smooking: the new software for the sale of electronic cigarettes

Following the trend in the consumption of electronic cigarettes , it was born a solution for the various shops and wholesalers , a new software (programmable following your requests) to manage the sale in real time and have a detailed statistics on the various elements.
Through Smooking you can connect in real time with: commercial, supplier and customers; send e-mails about your news and give news on consumption, based on a tailor-made algorithm.
Our software is already used by a company in the brands, the request was made to solve some problems, both at the logistics level but also for customer management, to maintain a performing level to follow the sale, the feedback through the real-time notifications and promotions, which the store can follow at the same time.
What we noticed together with the client company was the growth of the client's sales.
We took this initiative after a well-designed study of the requests, to offer a solution that creates a positive approach between the seller and the customer. We are the first in Italy to be able to create this software , after an accurate analysis of the sector .
In this difficult period, this software is also able to manage home orders and shipments, to be always in contact with your customers and to provide a complete service.