2 March 2022

Why should you have a site?

The presence of the internet has changed the way we find and share information, the web presence of a company has become a fundamental part of its success because it revolutionizes communication with customers. A well-built site conveys an image of reliability and professionalism about your business and allows...
2 March 2022

Why rely on tailor-made consultancy

In an increasingly competitive market, every entrepreneur, with experience or not, always needs new skills to improve the various aspects of their company. Aspects that may affect production, business objectives, marketing etc ...
2 March 2022
Sviluppo CRM su misura

The importance of CRM

The CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management , it is a software that helps manage business processes, in which all customer data are contained.
2 March 2022

Industry 4.0

With the right tools,Predictive maintenance is an achievable goal. It is an investment that will give value in a short time, when the company is followed by adequate assistance. A predictive maintenance system will play an increasingly important role in the near future...
2 March 2022

Software on Server & on Cloud_in

CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management, it is a software...
2 March 2022

Smooking: the new software for the sale of electronic cigarettes

Following the trend in the consumption of electronic cigarettes
2 March 2022

A continuous collaboration with the Polytechnic University of the Marche

2 March 2022

News DAG 2022: Another step towards 4.0

Digitarab Solution Consulting carefully proposes DAG : a single ERP customized with all the useful functions for your business activities. From administrative and warehouse management to logistics...
2 March 2022

“GOMAIL” The new Emailing software in Digital Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most profitable corporate direct marketing strategies of the moment. This strategy is able to guarantee the most positive results in terms of Return on Investment...
10 March 2022

“SCRAPING TECHNOLOGY”: Collect web data in real time from any destination on a large scale

Digitarab Solution Consulting presents its new web scraping software "Scraping Technology" . A proprietary and innovative solution that uses the web scraping technique to automatically extract and collect data of great value through web resources.